In most cases YES!

If you haven't updated your home in a while and the neighborhood comps and your equity position can justify a remodel, then yes, you should remodel before selling.

Kitchens and Bathrooms will get you the most bang for your buck if you update the cabinets, hardware, appliances and countertops. 

If you have a lot of carpet or older looking flooring that's the next update to take on.

Painting and refreshing the front and back landscape is also important so everything looks nice and presentable.

Our team offers an Exclusive Renovation Market Comp that looks at what you owe, what the neighborhood comps are and a breakdown of the renovations we recommend that may be necessary to sell your home for more money.

In some cases it doesn't make sense to do a major remodel, but we can help guide you with some minor adjustments to get your home sale ready.

Provide us with some basic information and we can give you a quick renovation comp. For a more comprehensive comp we will need to visit your home in person.

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