Buying a home usually represents your single biggest investment - it's best to be prepared before you start your search!

1.) Define your goals, know how much house you can afford

Since buying and financing a home are so closely related, it also means examining your current financial situation and projecting how much you can afford. This is also the time to discuss what your must haves and separate needs from wants.

Start by asking yourself the following Home Buying Specifics:


How many Bedrooms do you need?

How many Bathrooms?

Do you want a Pool?

Do you want a Big Yard or Low Maintenance one?

How many Square Feet do you need?

Do you want a Single Level or Two Story?

Is a School District important to you?

Which City do you want to live in? 

Do you want to live in an HOA?

What's the max you want to spend living in an HOA?

What's the max per month you want to spend on your Home Mortgage?

You need to also calculate taxes and homeowners insurance that will run you approx. $ 200 + per month depending on the price of the home and the city you live in.

* Take your time to asses the whole situation so when you're talking to your lender you know exactly how much house you can really afford - even if you qualify for more.

We recommend the following lender:

Mike Callahan

Mortgage Advisor  NMLS 219894

623-236-8490 direct  623-293-6368 cell

2.) Contact one of our Team Members to put you on a Custom Search

A lot of the online search sites have outdated information and many times buyers find a home they love and we have to tell them it's no longer available. The best way to search for a home is with a custom, real time search by one of our team members that can set up a custom search with exactly what you're looking for and then email you those links daily.


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